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  • About Us

  • I believe sharing bread is one of the deepest most affirming tenets of humanity, one that has been in our stories and songs for thousands of years. I offer this bread knowing that it nourishes our body and mind, and it gives me great pleasure to break open a fresh loaf and see the smiles of those lucky enough to be around at the right moment. I like bread. I like the creating, the providing, and the nourishment that is in the process of making bread. It feeds more than my body. I think it is the transformation, the growth and rise of the dough that, moments before entering the oven, rests gently and placidly, only to exuberantly and willfully spring up; this process seems to mirror some of our own transformations in its microcosm of flour, water, and natural yeasts. The sourdough starters that impart these loaves with their rich and tangy flavors come from the air around us and the flour that I use; I just happened to make a desirable home for them to congregate in and I make sure to keep them fed and happy. These yeasts make this bread what it is, along with my encouragement.

    I find that fresh bread brings people togther; our friends come to break bread and share in an abundance of good food with a smile and praise for such a simple food. Perhaps it is that we have evolved for thousands of years alongside the grains that make these breads that draw us to it, our survivals linked to one another; or perhaps it’s just that simple bread with nothing fancy or complicated to prove can be enjoyed by everyone.

    It is a pleasure to offer this bread, to you, and to be able to give something that I love so much. It is my hope to provide my bread to my community, my friends, and anyone who wants to remember what real bread tastes like.

    Simple Bread is here to remind us that sharing and eating good bread is one of the basic pleasures that has not changed all that much in the thousands of years it has been around, and one we can enjoy still.
    Rise Up Bread!